Do You Need A Financial Advisor?

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Who is College Credit

We are a not-for-profit organization established to help consumers in debt. We have been in the debt consolidation industry for over 5 years and have helped thousands of people reply their unsecured debts.

What exactly is credit counseling / debt consolidation?

Simply put, it is a repayment program that allows our organization to negotiate better terms for the repayment of your accounts. We can help you lower your interest rates and eliminate late fees. Under our program you send us one lump payment monthly and we in turn disburse that payment to your creditors.

What type of debt do you work with?

As stated above we work with unsecured debt, that is debt that’s not back by a tangible asset. Examples of unsecured debt are as follows; Major Credit Cards | Hospital – Medical Bills | Oil – Gas Credit Cards | Department Stores | I.R.S. | Personal Loans (unsecured only) | Banks – Finance Companies.

Do you charge a a fee?

Yes we do, but this fee is structured into your monthly payment and is far below the amount of money we can save you in lowered interest rates and late fees.

Do you repair credit?

Through the use of our program your credit will improve by showing a positive payment history as we pay your creditors monthly. However, we do can no erase negative credit information on your credit report, any person or company that says that they can is lying. Upon completion of our program we will also request that your creditors acknowledge in writing that you have satisfied your debt with them.